Separation Stories

by Cyanide Canaries

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    "and all that was still nothing"

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Surf-Hop: noun [(Alternative Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Experimental Electronic)]

Your friends and family will stand beside you and tell you that your art is good no matter how terrible it actually is. This time around, I spent half a year sitting on these songs until I was sure they were ready to be released. Separation Stories was recorded in my university residence room.

Thanks for all the support, always


released March 29, 2014

All songs by Khalil Stemmler



all rights reserved


Cyanide Canaries Brantford, Ontario

Resident noise lover and post-punk revivalist from Brantford, Ontario.

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Track Name: Conchoidal
I don't think you love me anymore
Lovers are to fairy tales as death is as to war
Gave it all, I gave it up
I poured out all our future in a spilling cup
I will not live on without you
Conchoidal confusion
Teenage illusion
She waits and she walks
She breathes and she talks
But not a lot at all, she's losing
Not a lot at all, I knew this
Track Name: In An Instant
I'll remember it: the day we met
November's gone once again
The ticking in the letter that you sent

Man down
She knows how to keep a man down

In an instant anything can change
Exploding postcard in my face

In an instant anything can change
In a second, third degree burns on my face
Track Name: Mr. Rosengeist [Suzie Salmon]
Mr. Rosengeist, I'm telling you this ain't right
You should invest in an ultramafic hearse
You should invest in a way off this Earth
Mr. Rosengeist, I'm telling you this ain't right
Let the girl home, can't you see I'm all alone?
If you'd only known the lengths that I would go
Mr. Rosengeist...
There's plenty fish in the sea; I'll take the one that belongs to me
Mr Rosengeist... you belong to me
Track Name: Harsh [I]
You're the second most beautiful girl that I've met
I would like to get to know you, ya bet
Even just as friends but I hope that's the last time we ever use that word again

I would always vacate my lies, I would put them right in front of your eyes

Who say's you're not good enough, I say you are good enough
A little less and that'd be tough

I'm sorry if I'm harsh on you
Track Name: All My Friends Are Soluble
Twenty days I will walk
Try to find, try to talk to anyone who's listening
This message is invaluable, people are soluble
It's okay, I'm not afraid
Okay, I am afraid that no one will hear me
No one is near me
My life is short and so is yours
Lets take the time, lets take a turn to pretend that I matter
This is my letter
Track Name: Imperfect Picture
[Chad: I love you Norah, do you love me?
Norah: Well, I don't know Chad.
Chad: You're the only girl I've dated in two months. We get along fine, you do love me don't you?
Norah: I really don't know, I have to think about it.]

[Norah: Mom, how can I tell?... I mean, how did you know when you were in love with Dad?]

[Chad: I haven't dated any girl but Norah in two months, we're really in love.
Bob: Aww, and you were really in love with Betty and Barry and Dallas and I don't know who else. And there will be others I suppose.
Chad: Oh no, that's over with... You know Bob, Norah's the prettiest girl I've ever known. She's just as beautiful as...
Bob: Beautiful? And you think that's all that matters?]

I walk with my head down low
As I walk I don't study the faces I know anyways
We bleed of toxic tar
We spit and scar in the faces of yesterday

[Chad: Did you feel this way when you fell in love with Jean?
Bob: Aww look, I've felt that way lots of times! The problem with you is... you don't seem to understand what love is really about. You young punks go to the movies a couple of times, do a little necking and think you're in love! I've never seen anything like it.]

All of my friends are taking sympathy classes to undress the golden Fascists that are living deep within their ignorance
Sometimes I make a promise to God that I will promise to Mom that I will prove my life is happening

[Chad: Well. I don't know Bob.
Bob: That's right: you don't know. Maybe you would understand better if...say, I've got an idea! How'd you like to double date with Jean and I tomorrow night?
Chad: Why, sure Bob! That'd be swell. You sure you wouldn't mind?
Bob: Not if you let me get some sleep now. Goodnight!]
Track Name: Wonderful World
Every goal I've ever had becomes a stagnant relic of a relic of my past and of my future
I just want to be alone but why does that make me a loser?
I am happy in my mind, content with dying on the outside
I feel the stinging on the inside: the pangs of guilt from wasting my time

Talking visuals on the telephone / Programming robots using vulture bones: it's a wonderful world

Let's play life and lets play death: I'll be God and you my pet
You will live through all of it and you will be so sick of it
Living's not collecting things, it's finding love and finding sin
Orphans trying to smile again, notifying next of kin
Turn around, your wayward distant brother says he's deathly scared of clowns
We're peeling of the labels on a violent compound and leaving lights on in the house before we leave for Moscow

Dousing audio on the VHS / Mouth in my teeth are bleeding violet: it's a wonderful world
Track Name: The Leaving Song [Valentines Day]
It feels so real / pharmaceutical
To mend / to heal
I'm sorry I hurt you I just...

Don't go: I don't want you to, no

Wait, I've made a huge mistake
Restate / afraid
Tomorrow's a better day

Don't go: I don't want you to, no
Track Name: Lovers
If I could hold you, I'd never disappoint you
In time I'll be alright
Future fading, rearranging, rearrange my life without you

I am living in a cellophane house
And every time I try to speak I keep my hand on my mouth cos I'd say anything I would
I'd do anything I could
For you just to see it, but you're blind in that way
And I wish you'd stop the bullets on its way to my braint
She is everything I do
She is everything I knew
I am nothing but a ghost now

Oh, I hope she misses me now

Have you thought of yourself today?
You're so fucking vain.
Track Name: Hometown Vigilanteens
I think you've done muffed up real good because I'm feeling like I need to bust your head in two
You're just a punk with a surfer look trying to get a job at the dollar store
If I see you around again I'm gonna show you a magic trick I learned with my hands: it's called the New York City shuffle (and teaching it requires a fucking body double)
I think I saw your son, I saw him shoot a businessman for talking on the phone
Control the violence / control the gain / control authority: control the pain
There's nothing like a glass of wine to wash down a night of vigilantee-ism on the town
Get home, lie in bed at 6 o clock
Thanking God that he made me rock

I am not okay, I feel so much shame living in this dirty town
It's got to come around

In time I will go out and die and not a single God-fearing man will cry
There are things that I would like to say: things that I regret that I do all day
I'll give you 50% of the 20% if you ride with me this time
Bring your guns, bring your clubs: leave anything home that you think you love
Hey, these jokers were hanging around my house and they thought it'd be cool to watch me bleed from the mouth
They took my car, they took my cash
They trashed my house, they trashed my plans
This time we are going in and we are mowing down the troubles as we see fit
I knew I could count on you
What else could love ever do?

I am not okay, I feel so much shame living in this dirty town
It's got to come around