Axion EP

by Cyanide Canaries

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Very Trip Hop. Extremely sample and deep [bass]-ed.
This EP is very close to my heart. I wrote it in key to some of the major changes that were happening in my life. Falling in love, defining what "love" actually means to me, death of family, trying to understand my future and what I really want out of it.

To Rebecca


released November 11, 2013

Programming/Samples, Vocals, Guitars - Khalil Stemmler
Cover Artwork - Rebecca Pilon



all rights reserved


Cyanide Canaries Brantford, Ontario

Resident noise lover and post-punk revivalist from Brantford, Ontario.

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Track Name: Defines You
I fell down the other day
All and all, I'm okay

I went to the hospital
To find out that I'm vulnerable
Type A, Type B: what's the point?
Death is where we'll all anoint

Feeling like an animal
One trapped in a cage alone
They want to / They need to / Become Who / Defines You

Welcome back: You are a fool
Thought we'd really welcome you?
Tell the truth and all you know
If you are just an oblique clone

Waste your time and go to school
Fate strings have run off the spool
They want ya to / They need ya to / Become who / Defines You
Track Name: Drifting
You walk through doors as if it's the last day of your life
Your body is shifting / "continentally" driting

For something / One thing

Sifting through our chromosomes
I'd hate to find you two alone
For something /One thing

A figure of speech is a figure of self
I'd develop all the photos of your vacation in hell
For something / One thing

Sold to the man with the darkest coat / feels like shiver dancing down my throat
A figure of speech is a figure of self
I'd develop all the photos of your vacation in hell
You walk through doors
Your body is shifting / "continentally" drifting

For something / One thing
Track Name: Do You Remember?
Do you remember the frailest night?
In summer September our tears were ripe
Not from our sorrows or stagnant lives
But joy for the moment that all was right
Track Name: How Do You Know?
How do you know when you think you love?
My whole life I lived in a hole
With you I am whole

How do you know?
Track Name: Memento of a Neighborhood Cancer Boy
She takes old photos down off of her wall
One with a distant soul that she used to know

3 years ago
You cut it out when you learned about
That 12 year old boy who you used know who you let bleed out

He said, "Lily, please will you stay with me? My life is cancerous and I want to be with someone I love. Will you plant this seed? My grandma gave it to me when I was three."

Now he is gone

20 years, 30 years, 40 years fly
Every choice she's ever made has been a waste of time
What's the point in finding love when you realize that everyone you'll come to know eventually dies
They're all dead